Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I'll do a full post on the Intercollegiate Metals Exhibition soon (it is an AWESOME show!!) but for now just wanted to quickly post some images of the piece I submitted to the show this year.
found silver spoons, silk thread, pearls
I had originally made that necklace I posted about a few days ago for the show, but after installation we decided we needed to fill more wall space so I had to finish this piece up. I think it needs about 50 more spoons:)
I am still working this piece out in my mind, but it makes reference to family collections, antique spoon collections, heirlooms, domestic objects passed from generation to generation etc. If you have any thoughts, critiques, commentary or criticism it is welcome.
Thanks for looking.
More images and larger size photos can be found here.


Cody B. said...

Wonderful work! Very creative! I would love a chance to get a piece or two from you for my wife.

Liz Steiner said...

I really love these spoons.

Mindy Sue Meyers said...

The spoons are phenomenal, Lynette!