Monday, August 10, 2009

The Fabricated Ring with C. James Meyer

While at Arrowmont this summer I had the opportunity to take a ring fabrication class with Jim Meyer. Jim was the metals dept. head at Virginia Commonwealth University for 25 years (I think) and is now the professor for the jewelry study abroad program in Cortona Italy. He was a wonderful teacher and I had a great time with all the other ladies in the class!

Here is some of Jim's work, these are two brooches.

This is from a series Jim makes of jewelry with little box environments that go with them. The picture above shows the ring in its place in the box. Below you see the ring outside of the box.

Here is what I made during the class...a few rings and a few random other things!This ring was a trade I did with one of the other studio assistant girls. I got an awesome encaustic painting from her and made her this ring with a rock she found at Arrowmont.Simple band with larimar.Finally did a forged was actually a lot of fun!I loved this embroidered one...I did it with a celadon colored silk embroidery ribbon. I traded this it away for a necklace from Jessica Calderwood (Ill post pics soon!) but I totally need to make another one because I wanted to keep it!This was a funny little experiment...not sure I like how it turned looks too much like a flower!And I traded this one for some plates from Martina Lantin, one of the ceramics residents. Ill post pics of those soon too.Two little embroidered pins.And something I am actually pretty excited about...spoons! I found these at the flea market there in sevierville. They were pretty thick steel and a pain in the butt to embroider but I like how they turned out and cant wait to make more!

I still have a few more arrowmont posts coming...stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Manda said...

OMG i love them all!!!!!! eeee!!!!

the spoons freaking rock! and
so do those pins!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Okay, Ditto what Manda said. I was going to write that exact same comment! Love the pins! Are they scatter type backs or traditional?

Keep an eye out for a little som'in som'in by the way. ;-)

Ashley said...

So cool! I can't wait to see what you got from Jessica. I love her work too.