Thursday, August 13, 2009

Believe it or Not: Bacon, Chocolate, Trinkets and Ripleys

So heres some more random stuff from arrowmont...We went to Ashville a few times, one of the times we found this sweet chocolate shop with bacon chocolate candy bars. Weird. Not too bad though. As long as I plugged my nose when I ate them they were good...otherwise it smelled like a dog treat.Another fun thing we did at Arrowmont every week was a game called trinket trade. Everyone would come and bring 3 trinkets...handmade things, candy, junk, whatever. Then we would play a game where we rolled dice and you could end up with lots of cool stuff or nothing. Fun times!One week I made a little embroidery about poop and Ana Lisa Hedstrom (one of the fiber professors) won it...she thought it was was pretty funny.Another week I made this little flower embroidery with silk was fun to try something with more body than regular embroidery thread.Another notable adventure was the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum. We saw a two headed cow...Whittled wood toothpicks...And I even got to do some "research" for my thesis (haha). There was lots of hair jewelry and hair stuff...This was a portrait of a ballerina on pieces of toast.Oh...and since I'm on a Twilight kick and counting down the days until New Moon comes out (Nov.20th!!!!) I really liked the Vampire killing kit!And last but not least... Cow poop art. There aren't even words...