Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Two New Etsy Shops You HAVE to See!

Two friends of mine just opened up their etsy shops! The first one is:
My friend Jason Woolery just started an Etsy shop for his pottery. I met Jason at Arrowmont this summer. One of my favorite parts about going to Arrowmont was the friends I made. I feel like in one week I made friends that I will have for many years to come. Jason is a very talented ceramicist who will be applying to graduate schools this year to start next fall. I've been trying to talk him into applying at ASU but I am not sure if he is buying my sales pitch. As much as I love ASU, I'm not sure I would want to live in Phoenix after living in beautiful Tennessee! Anyway, his work is great and I am sure he will do well wherever he decides to go.
I bought this bottle above from him the other and can't wait to get it. Isn't it gorgeous?! He has some other really beautiful things (like the jar below) in his shop too, go check it out!

The other shop you have to check out is:
Tedd is one of the metals professors at ASU. He teaches blacksmithing and patterned metals (mokume gane and Damascus steel) and a few other classes. He is one of those people that you can spend 5 minutes with in a metals studio and wonder if you will ever in your lifetime know as much as he does about metalsmithing. I probably won't. Anyway, his work is awesome! He makes fishing lures (and lots of other stuff). Here are some of the lures he has for sale so far (but keep checking back because he is adding more everyday!) Also, check his blog to see his other work.
Floralure Orange and White Twitch and Pause IV Recyclure E Cheesy Recyclure Good as Au

Go check out his shop to see more of his work!


Adriana said...

You must stop doing this to me! I fall in love with everything hand-crafted! I have no more need for Target gifts!:D

Lynette said...

I know I happens to me too!:)