Monday, September 29, 2008

Off to Mobilia

I finished one more piece for the show at Mobilia Gallery (read more here). They asked for 2-5 pieces and 2 is all I was able to get done. I am a little sad about that, but sometimes you just can't do everything. Here are some shots of the piece and the pair. I have to send them off tomorrow (the opening is on Saturday)! It's always hard to part with things...especially when they were so much work and are so new! I like to give myself time to warm up to the idea of my work leaving me...its just so much a part of myself. You invest so much time, work, and emotion into something, you can't help but get attached. Anyway, I hope they find good homes:)
If you are in the Boston/Cambridge area you should drop by the opening on Saturday (or anytime) and let me know how the show looks! If I didn't have my 15 hour review coming up so soon I would totally be there!


Manda said...

holy crap lynette!!!
they are both so gorgeous!!

i mean wow!!!

marjo said...

double wow!
I love this!

Larry and Karri said...

Those look pretty neat. I'm sure they took a ton of time. Good luck with the show!

Ashley said...

I'm in love! They are so beautiful. I love the chains and all the little details.