Thursday, June 5, 2008

At Last and Confessions of Fear

More embroidered work in my shop. Its only one necklace, but its been far too long! I need to make more of these...
Oh yeah, and I leave for Arrowmont tomorrow. I am afraid I am going to forget something really important. I am also afraid that my suitcase will get lost and all my tools and metal will be lost forever. I am also afraid of the airport. I've never flown alone and I get lost easily. Really easily. I've been accused of getting lost in my own acutally happened when I was 16 (and also happened to be the only time I was ever late for my curfew). I am also scared about meeting new people (excited but scared), sharing my work, and doing something like I have never done before. I know it will be an amazing experience, but its all so scary! Ok, thats enough fearful confessions for one blog post. Wish me luck!


Catherine Chandler said...

If you can make it through Seattle, you can make it through this!!!