Monday, November 19, 2007

Performance Piece by Natalia Jaeger

Today I ran across a performance piece on campus, by Intermedia graduate student Natalia Jaeger. The performance consisted of Natalia climbing a ladder on which there was a typewriter. She would then type on a notecard and then climb down the ladder. Next, she would walk over to a table, upon which there was a box filled with mirrors, a pair of scissors, and ribbon. She would cut a ribbon, and then cut off a piece of her hair. She would then tie the ribbon around the cut piece of hair and attach it to her typed card. Next, she would walk over to a clothesline and hang each card. Viewers were invited to take a card. Here are the ones I and a friend took...Here is a video clip of the performance (it lasted a couple of hours):

I have to say it left me thinking...


Janalee said...

Really? Is this new? I've never heard of such performances. They'd be fun to create though, there are a million possiblities.

Maybe she could come perform for our next ward party. haha

Lynette said...

Yep, they exist and are getting more and more popular in the art world. Performance art is what they call it. Most of the time (I hate when people say this about art but I just have to,) I don't get it, but I liked this one:)