Thursday, May 1, 2014

Africa Night

Last month we hosted a big dinner at our house for members of the church we belong to here in Doha.  The dinner was an "Africa Night" theme, and was cooked by some of the male African members.

Here are some of the foods they made:
Egusi Soup- made from Egusi (Melon) seeds, Red Palm Oil, Beef, Dry Fish, Bitter leaf, and seasonings
African Salad- made from cassava, oil bean, tomatoes, and African chili
Pepper Soup- made with chicken (they bought a live chicken, de-feathered it and butchered it themselves), plantains, yams and scent leaf

Everyone had so much fun and people really enjoyed trying the authentic African food.  
While our move to Doha has been challenging in so many ways, we have been lucky enough to make friends quickly here which has made the transition so much easier.  There are so many people in Doha who are so kind and generous and we feel so thankful just to have had the opportunity to cross paths with them.
This night was so fun, here are some more pictures of friends and food:)