Sunday, February 3, 2013

Custom Wedding Cake Server and Topper, and Bridesmaids Jewelry!

 A few months back I got the opportunity to make a custom wedding cake server and topper for my niece.
 I fabricated the pieces from 16 gauge brass. 
 Spent LOTS of time sanding, filing, finishing, and polishing.
 Then I had them silver plated.
 I didn't get the best photos so hopefully I can borrow the pieces back at some point to get better shots!

And, here they are on her cute cake!

It was a really fun project and not something I normally get to do.  I really hope to be able to do more of these in the future!

 I also got to make the jewelry for her bridesmaids.  Her colors were gray, navy and yellow, and the dresses were gray and navy so she wanted the jewelry to be yellow.
Each necklace had a tiny heart charm with a stamped initial.

I couldn't resist making matching earrings.  Bridal stuff is fun!
 (cake and bridal photos copyright DM Photo LLC)