Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Custom Spinning Rings

 I recently finished up a bunch of custom spinning rings.  These rings are a little challenging to make...there is an interior silver band, then the outer spinning band, and then two "caps" that are basically silver rings that slide over the inner ring and solder in place so the center spinning ring is held in place.  Its a challenge because they are all one of a kind, and because getting everything to fit tightly for soldering, while not soldering the spinning band in place (otherwise it wouldn't spin) is a little tricky.  But I enjoy making them and they seem to be a high demand item.  The one pictured above was my favorite, just because of all the meaning this couple put into the symbols and text on the ring. 

 Usually people like the spinning band to be copper because they enjoy the color contrast from the silver, but this client choose nickel and I love how this ring came out.  The color difference between silver and nickel is very subtle but very nice.

I also really like how these last ones turned out.  People always want text but this couple just wanted a simple hammer texture and I think they turned out great. 


Sara said...

I was oogling over these in your etsy shop a few weeks ago. I can see why they are in such high demand - they are awesome. I was thinking about one with all the kids names, but can you believe I'm still not absolutely certain that we are done having kids? I'm insane.

Lynette said...

Thanks Sara! And yes, I totally believe it. You are nuts! lol

ba san said...
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