Sunday, February 19, 2012


I recently worked on a special little project out of the ordinary for me. I was asked to make about 65 favors for a baby shower. The shower was for graphic designer Angela Hardison. Being a graphic designer, her friends thought it only appropriate for the shower to be an alphabet theme. The friend that asked me to make the favors had Angela write out the alphabet for us and I made little initial letter charms for all the guests. It was fun. I only wish I knew Angela so I could have attended this straight out of a magazine, adorable baby shower!!
My friend Debbie is one of the ladies that planned the shower. She throws some pretty gorgeous parties:) She also helped me make the charms.
All photos were taken by Angela unless otherwise noted.
And if you like design, be sure to check out Angela's Blog.

(photo above taken from here)

This was the alphabet I was given, and below are the charms. This project was such a fun little disctraction from the current chaos that is my life!


cristen said...
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cristen said...

those are soo cute! have you considered selling letter charms in your shop? i'd definitely buy them!

Christy said...

That is so cute!! Some people are so crafty... that shower looks amazing!