Thursday, January 5, 2012

Year in Review

2011 whizzed by in a blur and I really felt like I didn't accomplish much in my first year out of grad school. So, I decided to sit down and write out a list of my accomplishments, and when I did, it really surprised me how much I actually got done. Here is my 2011 year in review:

The biggest thing I did this year? I had a baby and survived to tell the tale:)

I celebrated 8 years of marriage.

I was published in 2 books: 500 silver jewelry designs, and Hiding Places:Memory in the Arts.

I participated in 7 exhibitions:

Contemporary craft exhibition at Mesa Art Center

Charmed at the Society for Contemporay Craft

Hiding places memory in the arts at the Kohler Art Center

Broche del noche at Equinox Gallery

Alchemy at Arrowmont

10x10 Benefit show at Mesa Art Center

Trunk show at snag

I taught a total of 18 classes!!!

I travelled to Seattle and Forks Washington.

I spent countless hours planning the 2012 SNAG conference (I am serving as a co-chair)

I did a BUNCH of home renovations (mostly while hugely pregnant).

I went dairy free for 4 months.

And, I bought a new car.

Thats pretty much the big stuff. Not such a dull year after all.


Erin said...

You did quite a bit in one year!

Breanne said...

Wow. That is quite a year. I need to do that more too - list out what I did in a day, a month, a year - because it does help to see how much we get done sometimes!
You're amazing Lynette!

Crystal Pistol said...

You were a busy busy girl. You look gorgeous and your baby is beautiful. :)

Unknown said...

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