Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sightseeing in Washington

So, I'm horribly behind in posting about the SNAG conference and my trip to Washington, but what else is new? I've been awful at blogging lately. Actually I'm behind on everything lately. This baby is sucking the life out of me...literally! She is due in two more weeks and I am hoping that I get some of my energy back then...but I know the next stage is extreme sleep deprivation, so you all will just have to stick it out with me! Sorry:/
Anyway, I went to Seattle a day early with some friends to do some sightseeing before the SNAG conference got started.We rented a car and drove through some really beautiful parts of Washington. We headed to the Olympic Peninsula and stopped at a beach along the way.As a desert girl not used to seeing big huge trees or logs, I was totally fascinated by all the wood on the beach!We also stopped and did a little nature walk through part of the Quinault Rain forest, which was amazing!
There was green everywhere!!I couldn't get over the furry trees. So weird!
This was a gorgeous lake somewhere along the way.And of course, we had to stop in Forks. HAD to.Its so strange to me when I go to places that get that much water. Phoenix averages about 8 inches of rain per year. Per YEAR. I'm such a desert girl!
Anyway, sightseeing was super fun and totally worth going a day early. I will post about the conference soon!