Tuesday, February 9, 2010

They say bad things come in threes...

Yesterday I:
-got my postcards for my thesis show from the printer and they made a mistake and printed the interior of the card upside down (its a folding card)
-found out one of my thesis committee members will not be attending my oral defense and will instead be sending a proxy as she is on sabbatical
-found out that my thesis oral defense will be public (even though they have never been public in practice before now) so instead of speaking to an intimate committee of 5 faculty, I will be addressing unknown numbers in a public audience

So.  Not.  Thrilled.

It was a really bad day.
I am really ready for all this thesis business to be over.  Really.


Ginga Squid said...

Bummer! What a nightmare. :(

Ansie said...

Hang in there - you're almost there!!
If bad things come in three's you can relax now - all the bad things are over and only good things will follow.

Good luck!

Adriana said...

oh, days like that are always the pits :( but I know you can do it! It's almost over :)

As I was reading the press release I couldn't help picture probably the first time I met you, freshman year and you were telling us about your major. I remember thinking that degree is so cool and she's cool since she is doing something different ( you know not education, nursing) like all the other institute girls :D

Adriana said...

so I can't believe you are almost done with your masters now! Time flies and I am way proud of you for achieving your goals!

Marie said...

Let's look at the bright side, shall we?
1) You can consider your postcards more "artistic".
2) I'll bet the sub will be a big softy
3) Now we can all come and watch your oral defense!

Hang in there Lynette!

Lynette said...

Thanks guys. I feel like such a whiner but I was so bummed out that day! I went home from school just so I could cry in privacy. lol. I know it will all work out, I just wish it could work out more smoothly:)

Valerie A. Heck said...

I completed the honors thesis in undergrad, and it nearly killed me with the stress. But now that I look back I'm so glad I worked that hard and got it done.
My post cards were horrible. At first my sister designed this awesome card but the gallery really wanted to do their own. The gallery took a horrible picture of one of my pieces and blew it up so that you could easily see all the pixels as the front of my post card. I was really pissed, but no one else said anything about them.
It'll all work out in the end! Have faith!

Breanne said...

Uggghhhh - stresssss. I'm sorry.

But just so you know, I couldn't help but be in awe of your talent and your accomplishments already as a young artist as I read your great press release.

I hope you have good things in threes tomorrow!!!!! Or soon at least right? :)

SharonP said...

I remember my master's thesis defense, it lasted a grueling four hours, but I made it. I believe you will shine and all the stress will melt away because you are a professional artist with passion and no one can question that!

I have been following your blog for awhile now and I'm in awe of your talent and professionalism. Good thoughts going out to you!