Sunday, May 31, 2009

Jewelry In Motion

My favorite event at the SNAG conference this year was the exclusive evening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Part of the evening was a fashion show called "Jewelry in Motion" curated by Gail M. Brown. It was awesome to see some of this stuff in person! Check out the flickr set of my snag photos for more! 1. snag79, 2. snag73, 3. snag64, 4. snag61, 5. snag36, 6. snag38, 7. snag59, 8. snag56, 9. snag54, 10. snag52, 11. snag50, 12. snag46
At the museum we also got to see the Arms and Armament collection, which had some awesome metalwork in the form of weapons and armor. Photos of that can be seen in my flickr stream as well.