Sunday, April 26, 2009

Childhood Pieces

Here are some in progress shots of some new pieces I've been working on. These are a big jump for me...much more playful and fun than a lot of my other work, which tends to read as a lot more serious. These are about the games of childhood, the little things we do, the games we play that shape us into who we become. It is during our childhood that we learn to dream...learn to create. I'm still working on these, but I think its a fun new direction for my work to take. I like that the pieces are becoming a lot more narrative...not so static. I am going to add back plates to these, shadows of some sort, but Im not sure what material I want to use yet, or what I want them to be. I have toyed with lazer engraved wood backgrounds, different fabrics, and etched metal, but at this point I have no idea how to finish them. The platter on top has come a bit farther now than it appears here, it is a scene of two children playing cowboys and indians.The photograph that inspired this piece is a picture of my dad with a toy gun, in 1958.
This one is called, "Little Brother's Superhero Dreams."
The photo that inspired this piece, my little brother at age 4 or 5...playing dressup. Its amazing the things we could do with that red scrap of fabric on our backs.

Hopefully I will finish these pieces soon...right now I am sort of stumped...if you have any brilliant ideas, please feel free to share!