Saturday, November 1, 2008

15 Hr Review Practice

I set everything up for my review and did a practice run through yesterday. My talk needs some polishing and I need to be more prepared to answer questions, but I am feeling more ready. Lets just get this over with already! (Its this coming Friday)

If you notice lots of junk in the background and strange wall arrangements its because the room where my review is held used to be studio space, but is now a big storage room (and also where we take photos). I have to make it look as nice as possible while trying to hide all the junk in the corners. Its funny. Oh, and the reason I have pictures of my pieces on the walls and not the actual pieces is because those pieces are away at shows or sold.


Sara said...

gosh - that's a little difficult of a space you're working it, but I think you did a great job making it look nice. And VERY IMPRESSIVE how many of your pieces are displayed as photos. It says a lot.

Christy said...

I'll be thinking about you next Friday and hoping you do well! I remember you talking about this months ago so I'm sure you're prepared and will do great!