Friday, May 16, 2008

New In the Shop

This necklace is now available in my shop. It is acid etched silver (fingerprint design), domed, repoussed, and features a white pearl in the center. The pendant hangs on a cable chain. My favorite part is the back. I cut out a circle in back so you can see the domed part coming back in, and the pin that holds the pearl.
Check it out HERE.


Amanda said...


very nice!

i cant wait for metals class,
its gonna be so much fun!

hope jour summer is going

Amanda said...

lol its an
in progress shop
so no worries your not blind

i have it all created and
what not
i just dont have anything

im waiting for some more
stuff i bought from
freaking hong kong to come in...

BUT OMG if you know the places
to go here!
that would be freaking awsome!
id save alot on shipping...

im looking for sum colored
chain like aluminum
know where i could get sum?!

i know jo anns only has black

but im looking to get sum
fun stuff


ive got alot of fun stuff
for this shop!

im working on one right now

and i tought that id never
sculpt a vertebre again!

now im making necklaces
with it!