Thursday, May 27, 2010

I will miss this place. A lot.

Well, its official. I am done at ASU. I turned all my keys in yesterday. I spent the last 7 years working in this studio. I will miss every single crowded dirty dusty nook and cranny. I will miss always having people around when I am working.I will miss bumping my hips into anvils and always having mystery bruises because we have so much packed into such a tight space:)

I will miss teaching.
I'll miss the Yuma trophies that ASU Metals has won over the years.

I will miss Dave's presence in the studio.

I will miss the tools!
I will miss Sir Sucksalot (our beadblaster).
I will miss the stakes (not that I did a huge amount of forming or raising).
I will miss the big annealing torches.

And I hate to admit it because it drove me crazy most of the time, but I will miss the belt sander!
I'll miss the casting room, even though I almost never used it.
I will definitely miss the draw bench and the stomp shear.
I will miss the enameling/acid etching room a ton!
I will miss my flawless big huge anvil.
And all the pretty hammers.
I will miss the history embedded in that studio. Like this little piece of wood on the underside of my bench that was marked with the initials of grads who were there before me (Becky Chader McDonah, Lauren McAdams, and Eric Burris)
And maybe more than anything I will miss my professor Tedd leaving me notes directly on my bench with a sharpie (instead of just leaving a note on a piece of paper!!!)
Oh man am I going to miss that place.


danielle embry said...

Even though I was only there 3 years, I felt exactly the same way when I left! As the saying goes, "when one door closes..."
You're going to do great things Lynette!