Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Work vs. Work

Well, today was the first day I've been into the studio in about a week. Sad, I know. I've been helping out at the Boys and Girls Club everyday this week and have come home too exhausted from crazy children to even think about working on anything creative! I love those kids, but I love my studio time too, and this week I have been going through creative withdrawl! Tonight I spent a little time working and I got about 75% done with another necklace in my "Connection Series". I just need to do the embroidery, set the top piece, and do a little bit of finishing work. Hopefully I will get back into the studio this weekend! Here are some pics of the newest (unfinished) necklace...
(Top picture shows the top piece of the pendant with holes drilled and ready for embroidery.)

This picture shows the top piece of the pendant and the chain.
This picture shows the top piece of the pendant on top of the back plate before the prongs have been soldered on. This picture shows pendant with unfinished prongs. All that is left now is embroidering and setting the top piece!


jeff said...

looks pretty sweet, I'm excited to see it when it's finished. Less than a week to go until I'm on my way back to Arizona. See ya soon hermana